(6/18/23 – By Ben Deatherage) Elma, WA … Corey Day was in superhero mode in the final leg of NARC’s Fastest Four Days In Motorsports as he powered his way from the 14th starting spot to win the Timber Cup at Grays Harbor Raceway. Day collected $5,000 for the Jason Meyers Racing Meyers Constructors/Four C’s Construction #14 KPC for his sixth win of 2023 with the NARC 410 Sprint Car Series.

The race was called for safety reasons after a caution period on the 24th lap due to excessive tire wear.  The call was unpopular for some fans and teams, but over half the field was racing on extremely worn and bald tires. During a red flag fuel stop just minutes earlier, teams were informed by NARC officials that the next caution period would end the event. Unfortunately, that happened before another lap could be completed.

“That one was pretty crazy. I don’t know what to say,” said Day, after winning his 12th career NARC triumph. “We didn’t have a stellar heat race and didn’t get to run the dash and didn’t get that much time on the track.  It’s just a testament to Shane (Bowers) and his decision-making on tracks like these and anywhere we go. He and I have started to gel this last couple of weeks, and I’m thankful for him. To come from 14th to win that deal is cool.”

The main event began with the Scelzi Motorsports/Whipple Superchargers #41 Maxim of Dominic Scelzi seizing the lead on the opening lap. Scelzi attempted to construct a sizable lead, but several stoppages prevented him from running away from the field. Several yellow flag incidents kept the field bunched up nice and tight.

Meanwhile, Day methodically overtook car after car after the restarts. Running the top shelf in the second set of corners, he eventually made his way to challenge Scelzi for first place. The two would battle fiercely with each other for several entertaining laps. Day completed the decisive pass on the 21st circuit to become the new pacesetter and remained there the balance of the distance.

The T&C Concepts/Fisher Racing Engines #55 J&J driven by defending race winner Trey Starks was the runner-up in front of a large crowd of Washington supporters.  He was unhappy with the decision to cut the race short as he felt he had something for the leader.

Tanner Holmes earned his second Fastest Four Days In Motorsports podium for the Shane DeWald Trucking/RTR Diesel Performance #18T KPC by finishing third.   

Joel Myers Jr. had his best run of the season with NARC aboard the All About Fire Protection/High Plains Building Division #46JR Maxim earning fourth. He also earned the ARP Fast Qualifier Award.  The Bates-Hamilton Racing-owned Benefit RFP/Specified Pipe #42X Maxim of Justyn Cox ended the night fifth for the second time this weekend.

D.J. Netto hit the finish line sixth, chased by 15th starter Chase Johnson, Justin Sanders. Billy Aton and Australian Karl Hoffmans.

Nick Parker got on his side in heat race competition while Tanner Holmes flipped in the Sunnyvalley Bacon Dash, but both were unharmed.

A-FEATURE (30 Laps): 1. 14-Corey Day [14]; 2. 55-Trey Starks [5]; 3. 18T-Tanner Holmes [6]; 4. 46JR-Joel Myers Jr [3]; 5. 42X-Justyn Cox [4]; 6. 88N-DJ Netto [7]; 7. 73-Chase Johnson [15]; 8. 2X-Justin Sanders [11]; 9. 26-Billy Aton [13]; 10. 3AU-Karl Hoffman [21]; 11. 83V-Dylan Bloomfield [8] 12. 21S-Jesse Schlotfeldt [17]; 13. 21-Cole Macedo [2]; 14. 44-Austen Wheatley [9]; 15. 41-Dominic Scelzi [1]; 16. 19-Colby Thornhill [12]; 17. 69-Bud Kaeding [16]; 18. 7T-Tyler Thompson [10]; 19. 96ASU-Andy Caruana [22]; 20. 115-Nick Parker [19]; 21. 53-Jessie Attard [18]; 22. 4-Burt Foland Jr [20]   (Finish was edited at 7:08pm on 6/19/23 due to a scoring error.)

METTEC TITANIUM LAP LEADERS:  Dominic Scelzi 1-20; Corey Day 21-24


ARP FAST QUALIFIER (22 Cars): Joel Myers Jr., 13.175

BROWN AND MILLER RACING SOLUTIONS HEAT ONE (8 Laps): 1. 41-Dominic Scelzi [1]; 2. 83V-Dylan Bloomfield [3]; 3. 7T-Tyler Thompson [2]; 4. 19-Colby Thornhill [5]; 5. 73-Chase Johnson [6]; 6. 46JR-Joel Myers Jr [4]; 7. 96ASU-Andy Caruana [7]

KIMO’s TROPICAL CAR WASH HEAT TWO (8 Laps): 1. 18T-Tanner Holmes [1]; 2. 88N-DJ Netto [2]; 3. 2X-Justin Sanders [3]; 4. 55-Trey Starks [4]; 5. 14-Corey Day [5]; 6. 53-Jessie Attard [6]; 7. 3AU-Karl Hoffman [7]

BEACON WEALTH STRATEGIES & RAYMOND JAMES FINANCIAL HEAT THREE (8 Laps):  1. 42X-Justyn Cox [2]; 2. 21-Cole Macedo [4]; 3. 44-Austen Wheatley [1]; 4. 26-Billy Aton [7]; 5. 69-Bud Kaeding [6]; 6. 21S-Jesse Schlotfeldt [3]; 7. 115-Nick Parker [5]; 8. 4-Burt Foland Jr [8]

SUNNYVALLEY “POWERED BY BACON” TROPHY DASH (6 Laps): 1. 41-Dominic Scelzi [1]; 2. 21-Cole Macedo [2]; 3. 46JR-Joel Myers Jr [4]; 4. 42X-Justyn Cox [6]; 5. 55-Trey Starks [3]; 6. 18T-Tanner Holmes [5]