Benevolent Fund

The NARC Benevolent Fund was started in 1993 to help assist injured racers and their families in times of need.  And over the years, racing supporters have generously donated to the fund, in hopes that their contributions will never have to be used.  It’s hard to imagine any of our favorite racing heroes or their team members getting injured in the sport that we love, but the high speeds and close wheel-to-wheel racing bring with it inherit risks.  In addition to getting injured, some have paid the ultimate price.  This is where the NARC Benevolent Fund steps in to provide support in the recovery process.

The non-profit organization is run by a Board of Directors, led by Ashley Smith.  Others on the board include perennial NARC and King of the West champion Brent Kaeding, NARC General Manager Jim Allen, 2017 driving champion Bud Kaeding & former driver and current official Mike Andreetta.

Among those who have been helped in the last few years by the NARC Benevolent Fund include Davey Thomas, Bobby Gerould, Mike Andreetta, Sean Becker, Margaret Lingron, Richard Brace, Kevin Swindell, Peter Murphy, Chuck Wolf, Howard Tarter.  The list also includes Brad Bumgarner, Steven Allard, Danny Faria Jr., Bill Sellers, the Urias Children’s Fund, Dennis Moore Jr., Randy Hannagan, Tom Milne, Randy Tiner, Rick Hirst and Darrell Hanestad.

“No one ever plans on getting hurt,” states NARC Benevolent Fund spokesman Jim Allen.  “Unfortunately, it does happen and even with the best planning, most racers and their families are unprepared or burdened with financial hardships during the recovery period.  There are lost wages, medical costs not covered by insurance, and other unforeseen expenses.   The NARC Benevolent Fund’s mission is to lend a helping hand during those stressful times.

Funds are raised through a variety of activities ranging from donations and silent auctions of racing memorabilia, to generous contributions from former racers such as Peter Murphy and his annual racing event at Tulare Raceway.

To make a charitable contribution, make your check payable to the “NARC Benevolent Fund.”  Mail them to:  NARC Benevolent Fund, c/o Kaeding Performance Center, 813 Cristich Lane, Campbell, CA  95008.    Once your donation is received, we will mail you a letter with our charitable tax ID number for your tax records.

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Peter Murphy nearly lost his life in a racing accident at Antioch Speedway in 2013. He faced a long recovery process and was forced to give up the sport he loved. Today, Murphy continues to give back to the NARC Benevolent Fund and the racing community with the annual Peter Murphy Classic at the Thunderbowl Raceway. We thank him! Photo courtesy of


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