(10/6/17) By Jim Allen, Watsonville, CA … Shane Golobic survived a heated open wheel battle with DJ Netto and went on to claim his second 30-lap King of the West-Fujitsu Sprint Car Series victory of the season at Ocean Speedway.

Golobic, who started fourth in the 22-car grid, chased down race long leader Netto in the late going in lap traffic.  With only two-laps remaining, the two frontrunners battled side-by-side for position roaring into the first corner.  Contact was made resulting in Netto flipping wildly over the turn one cushion.  Netto required some medical attention after exiting his destroyed car, which ignited in a fireball.

On the restart, Golobic pulled away from the field and pocketed the $3000 payday for his Elk Grove Ford/Keith Day Trucking team.  It was his seventh career King of the West-NARC victory.

“We both went into the first turn searching for the same real estate,” explained Golobic.  “I always try to race clean and never want to win a race that way.  I’m hope DJ understands that when he cools down.”

Netto was the class of the field from the initial green, chased by the freight train of Buddy Kofoid, Chase Johnson, Golobic, and Dominic Scelzi.  As the race progressed, this group battled three-wide in traffic on occasion, until Golobic powered past Johnson for the runner-up spot going down the frontstretch at the halfway point.  Scelzi sliced into third a lap later.

Golobic raced side-by-side with Scelzi for a handful of laps as the pair reeled in Netto in the waning laps, setting the stage for his winning move.

Scelzi had to settle for second place money in his SE Inc./Roth Motorsports-backed Schnee.

Fast qualifier Justin Sanders, started eighth in the grid and methodically drove his way into a solid third place finish at the checkered.  He was steering the Vontrez Keizer Wheel Maxim.  Hoosier Tires Dash Winner Buddy Kofoid claimed fourth in the Dan Simpson/Gary Silva Ranches sprinter.

Johnson rounded out the top five in the Shawn Thomas Wesmar-Champion Machine Maxim.

The next five drivers to cross the checkered were 10th starter Mitchell Faccinto, Kurt Nelson, Kyle Hirst, Gio Scelzi and Tim Kaeding.

The tight KWS-NARC championship points battle was reshuffled at Ocean Speedway.   Third place driver Cory Eliason, who entered the event in third, only six-points behind Bud Kaeding in the standings, suffered mechanical problems early in the program.  They were unable to start the semi. Kaeding ended up finishing 13th.

Scelzi, who finished ninth, regained the point lead over Kaeding by a slim 798-797 margin (unofficial) with two-races remaining on the schedule.  Eliason is now 33 points out of the top spot.

Jarrett Soares claimed the 12-lap semi.  Heat races were picked off by Golobic, T. Kaeding, and Johnson.


KWS-NARC Fujitsu Feature Event (30 laps): Shane Golobic, Dominic Scelzi, Justin Sanders, Michael Koifoid, Chase Johnson, Mitchell Faccinto, Kurt Nelson, Kyle Hirst, Gio Scelzi, Tim Kaeding, Bobby McMahan, Jason Statler, Bud Kaeding, Brent Kaeding, Sean Watts, Dustin Golobic, Jeremy Chisum, Nathan Rolfe, Jarrett Soares, DJ Netto, Brent Bjork, Richard Fajardo

Lap Leaders: Netto 1-28, Golobic 29-30

Hoosier Tires Dash (6 laps):  Michael Kofoid, DJ Netto, Shane Golobic, Chase Johnson Dominic Scelzi, Kurt Nelson, Tim Kaeding, Justin Sanders, Bud Kaeding

Fast Qualifier (1/4 mile clay oval – 24 cars):   Justin Sanders – 11.418

Heat 1 (10 laps):  Tim Kaeding, Justin Sanders, DJ Netto, Sean Watts, Bobby McMahan, Jeremy Chisum, Jenna Frazier.

Heat 2 (10 laps):  Shane Golobic, Kurt Nelson, Michael Kofoid, Dustin Golobic, Mitchell Faccinto, Jarrett Soares, Jason Statler, Nathan Rolfe

Heat 3 (10 laps):  Chase Johnson, Dominic Scelzi, Bud Kaeding, Gio Scelzi, Kyle Hirst, Brent Bjork, Brent Kaeding, Richard Fajardo

Flowmaster Semi-Main (12-laps):  Jarrett Soares, Brent Kaeding, Brent Bjork, Nathan Rolfe, Jason Statler, Jeremy Chisum, Richard Fajardo, Jenna Frazier.