(5/6/17) By Jim Allen – Chico, CA … Rico Abreu led all 40-laps to score top honors at Saturday’s crash-marred 27th annual Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial KWS-NARC Fujitsu Sprint Car Series feature event at Silver Dollar Speedway.

Abreu driving the familiar Abreu Vineyards sprint car, started on the outside of the front row, out ran dash winner Cory Eliason down the back straightway on the initial green and survived ten caution periods to secure the victory.  This win required patience as it was a rough and tumble main event that decimated over half the starting grid.

One of those cautions was for a scary three car crash down the back straightaway, involving Jason Statler, Carson Macedo and Michael Ing on the 28th circuit.  All three drivers climbed from their destroyed cars shaken.  Surprisingly, only Statler required medical attention and he was later released under his own power.

“It’s always special to win the Bradway race at Chico,” said Abreu, who has captured the lucrative event three-times.  “My team worked especially hard to give me a great race car tonight or I wouldn’t be standing here.”

Abreu pocketed $8000 for his nights work, including $2000 in lap money and $1000 for earning the Carwash Mike Avilla quick time award.  He rocketed around the quarter-mile oval in 11.655 seconds to outpace the 37-car field.

Polesitter Cory Eliason and eighth starter DJ Netto locked horns for the runner-up position during the final 15-laps.  Netto who methodically picked his way through the field in Clyde Lamar’s Tri-C Machine powered sprint car, finally took the position with five laps remaining.  However, Abreu took no prisoners and left no doors open for any potential challenge.  Eliason, who had no brakes for the final ten laps, held on for the show position in the Antaya Motorsports Good Guys Rod & Custom sponsored Maxim.

Semi-transfer Shane Golobic drove his Keith Day Trucking machine to fourth, followed by Roger Crockett.  The only other cars out of the 22-car starting grid to finish the event were 18th starter Bud Kaeding, 15-year old Michael Kofoid, and Jarrett Soares. who started in the tenth row.  Soares earned the $650 Hardcharger award.

Andy Forsberg and Justin Sanders also flipped in the feature.  They were unhurt.

Colby Copeland laid claim to the 12-lap semi-main. The semi also had its fair charge of metal carnage as the race was halted for a five-car pile-up that damaged part of the track’s catch fence.  Among those walking away from their cars unhurt was Kyle Hirst, Ryan Bernal, Brent Bjork, Justyn Cox and Brian Boswell.

Heat races were won by Mason Moore, Kalib Henry, Dominic Scelzi and DJ Netto.

40-lap Fujitsu Dave Bradway Memorial Jr. A-Main:  Rico Abreu, DJ Netto, Cory Eliason, Shane Golobic, Roger Crockett, Bud Kaeding, Michael Kofoid, Jarrett Soares, Michael Ing, Jason Statler, Carson Macedo, Brad Bumgarner, Dominic Scelzi, Gio Scelzi, Braedon Enos, Sean Becker, Mason Moore, Bobby McMahan, Colby Copeland, Justin Sanders, Andy Forsberg, Kalib Henry.

Lap Leaders:  Abreu 1-40

B-Main Event (12 laps):  Colby Copeland, Shane Golobic, Gio Scelzi, Jarrett Soares, Brad Bumgarner, Jason Statler, Chase Majdic, Mike Monahan, Sean Watts, Willie Croft, Nathan Rolfe, Billy Wallace, Cori Andrews, Justin Bradway, Pat Harvey Jr., Kyle Hirst, Ryan Bernal, Brent Bjork, Justyn Cox, Brian Boswell

Hoosier Tires Dash (6 laps):  Cory Eliason, Rico Abreu, Michael Ing, Roger Crockett, Michael Kofoid, Andy Forsberg, Mason Moore, DJ Netto, Dominic Scelzi, Braedon Enos, Chase Majdic, Justin Sanders

Fast Qualifier (1/4 mile oval – 37 cars):  Rico Abreu – 11.655

Heat 1 (10 laps):  Mason Moore, Rick Abreu, Bobby McMahan, Sean Becker, Mike Monahan, Nathan Rolfe, Pat Harvey Jr., Brian Boswell, Colby Copeland, Kyle Hirst

Heat 2 (10 laps):  Kalib Henry, Michael Ing, Andy Forsberg, Carson Macedo, Ryan Bernal, Chase Majdic, Brad Bumgarner, Sean Watts, Justin Bradway

Heat 3 (10 laps):  Dominic Scelzi, Michael Kofoid, Roger Crockett, Justin Sanders, Willie Croft, Gio Scelzi, Justyn Cox, Jason Statler, Scott Parker

Heat 4 (10 laps):  DJ Netto, Cory Eliason, Braedon Enos, Bud Kaeding, Jarrett Soares, Brent Bjork, Shane Golobic, Cori Andrews, Billy Wallace