(6/15/23 – By Michael Gilmer) … Australian driver Jessie Attard is making his Fastest Four Days in Motorsports debut in 2023.  The 23-year-old driver from Penrith, Australia will compete against the best of the best during the Fastest Four Days in Motorsports and the Super Dirt Cup at Skagit. Jessie arrived on June 12th and plans to compete at every race possible until July 3rd.

Jessie started his racing career in go-karts at the age six. He competed in go-karts until he was 15, before making his sprint car debut in 2017.  When he isn’t racing, he’s helping out at the family business: Supreme Poultry. 

Although this is not his first time in the United States, we still wanted to know how this opportunity was possible. Jessie stated that it took “countless hours of hard work.”  He also thanks his mum and dad because without them it wouldn’t be possible. 

Staying for an extended period, we asked if he brought his own racing equipment. He informed us that he has separate racing stable that he keeps in California. When he’s back in Australia it stays with his sponsors/suppliers until he has the opportunity to return. 

Jessie does have experience on several American dirt tracks racing with NARC a couple of seasons ago. He also raced at Skagit Speedway and Grays Harbor Raceway last year with the World of Outlaws and hopes to improve on these tracks and learn as much as he can. 

Jessie has aspirations to tackle a pair of venues specifically.  “I have two tracks in particular; the first is Placerville Speedway, unfortunately that is not on our schedule this year. And the second is  Skagit Speedway because it’s just fun to get around, and a good drive.”

While he prepares for these tracks, we asked him about which driver he looks up to? Which driver keeps him motivated? “I’d say my idol is ten-time World of Outlaw champion Donny Schatz,” stated Jessie. “I grew up watching him drive and he used to race against my dad back in the day. It’s just great to see him still out there performing in today’s form of racing.”

Donny Schatz’es sprint car career has spanned more than 25-years.

What goals he hopes to achieve while racing in America this summer? “My goal is to always get out there, do my best and learn what I can from each show because it’s always different. Half the tracks on this trip are new to me” stated Jesse.  He’s not here just to race, but to also learn and improve. 

The bottom line is Jessie just loves to race. We asked him what he likes to do in his free time when he’s not racing. He answered, “Probably watching racing, haha. I do travel and I’m looking forward to hitting the snow with my partner later this year.”

The Australian driver can’t get enough of racing. When he isn’t in the car, he’s learning from someone else on the screen. 

Jessie is ready his latest America sprint car adventure. “I love America, this country, I have some great memories here on and off the track including a road trip across the country in our Cadillac Deville which we shipped home.”

Coming to America is more than just a racing opportunity for Jessie. It’s a trip down memory lane.   

ED NOTE:  Michael Gilmer is our guest aspiring writer for this edition of NARC Pit Personalities.  He is a 16-year old high school student and sprint car fan from Placerville, CA.