(4/5/23) NARC By The NUM8ER5! – Kings Speedway, By Ben Deatherage … Hanford, California- On Saturday, April 8th, engines will finally come to lift for the first time in 2023 as NAPA Auto Parts presents the NARC 410 Sprint Series at Kings Speedway for the $10,000 to-win Anthony Simone Classic. It will be the first winged 410 Sprint Car event west of the Rocky Mountains on the calendar and is expected to attract many race teams from all over the Pacific Coast.

Although the NARC 410 Sprint Series has visited Kings Speedway on over fifty occasions since 2001, this will be the first time the 3/8-mile facility has opened the campaign for the tour. Of the twenty-seven winners in the past fifty-three trips to Kings, Tim Kaeding has amassed the most wins since 2001 with eight trips to victory. In addition, Brent Kaeding has bagged five trophies, while Jonathan Allard and Dominic Scelzi have four each.

Two hundred drivers have competed in at least one NARC 410 Sprint Series event at Kings Speedway in the modern era. 2001 was the season that the current track record was established when Joey Saldana laid down a 12.293 second time. Brent Kaeding has the longest win streak at the track with four in a row from April to June in the ’01 campaign and won three straight times in 2002.

Not only does Tim Kaeding have the most modern wins at Kings (8), but he also tops the board in Podiums (21), Top 5s (27), and an Average Finish of 5.2 produced from 36 starts. Also, TK is tied with Jason Statler for most Top 10s (32). Tim also has established three winning streaks. He went back-to-back in the spring of 2003 and performed the same feat in October 2012. From May 2010 to August 2011, Kaeding managed to visit victory lane three consecutive times.

Amazingly nine drivers have won their first career NARC 410 Sprint Series triumphs (since 2001) in Hanford. Corey Day, Mitchell Faccinto, Tommy Tarlton, Brad Sweet, Brandon Wimmer, Danny Faria Jr., Mitchel Moles, Spencer Bayston, and Stephen Allard.

Faria, Moles, and Bayston’s cases are their one and only career wins with the tour. Bayston and Wimmer have incredible statistics by winning in their only start with the series at Kings. Faccinto, Roger Crockett, and Andy Forsberg have collected their second career NARC trophy at Kings, while Cory Eliason won for the third time.

Bud Kaeding ranks fifth among most Top 10s (20) with one win to his name produced in 2012. Veteran Craig Stidham has amassed the most starts since 2001 by leading all other competitors by reporting to the feature grip 39 times.

 Although they have yet to crack into the upper echelon of the above categories, three drivers expected to be there have shown a ton of consistency by establishing some impressive Average Finish numbers. Corey Day is second on the list with a 5.33 from six starts. Shane Golobic is fourth with a 6.54 from eleven starts, and D.J. Netto is fifth at 6.65 from twenty attempts in a feature.

Saturday can’t come fast enough as so many race teams, fans, and series personnel alike are raring to see some racing with the NARC 410 Sprint Series. We hope to see you all at Kings Speedway for the new season for what no doubt will be a great night of racing.

Former 410 Sprint Series Winners At Kings Speedway (Since 2001) 

Tim Kaeding-8
Brent Kaeding-5
Dominic Scelzi-4
Jonathan Allard
Kyle Hirst-3
Rico Abreu
Andy Forsberg-2
Corey Day
Steve Kent
Tommy Tarlton
Blake Robertson-1
Brad Sweet
Brandon Wimmer
Bud Kaeding
Cory Eliason
Danny Faria Jr.
Dennis Moore Jr.
Kevin Pylant
Mitchel Moles
Peter Murphy
Roger Crockett
Ronnie Day
Shane Golobic
Spencer Bayston
Stephen Allard

NARC 410 Sprint Series Wins By Date At Kings Speedway (Since 2001) 

*-Denotes Morrie Williams Memorial Double Feature Events; #-Denotes Non-Wing Portion Of Anthony Simone Classic

2001- Steve Kent on March 24th, Brent Kaeding on April 28th, Brent Kaeding on June 23rd, Tim Kaeding on July 20th, Blake Robertson on July 21st
2002- Brent Kaeding on April 27th, Brent Kaeding on June 22nd, Brent Kaeding on July 19th, Tommy Tarlton on July 20th
2003- Tim Kaeding on March 22nd, Tim Kaeding on April 19th, Peter Murphy on June 28th, Kevin Pylant on July 18th, Tommy Tarlton on July 19th
2004- Dennis Moore Jr. on March 20th, Andy Forsberg on May 22nd, Steve Kent on June 26th, Andy Forsberg on July 16th
2005- Stephen Allard on April 16th, Jonathan Allard on May 21st, Jonathan Allard on June 25th, Danny Faria Jr. on July 15th, Ronnie Day on July 16th
2007- Brad Sweet on March 16th, Roger Crockett on March 17th, Brandon Wimmer on March 24th
2010- Tim Kaeding on May 21st, Tim Kaeding on June 26th
2011- Tim Kaeding on August 6th, Jonathan Allard on October 15th
2012- Bud Kaeding on Jun 2nd, Tim Kaeding on October 13th
2013- Tim Kaeding on October 12th
2014- Kyle Hirst on June 14th
2015- Dominic Scelzi on September 19th
2016- Cory Eliason on July 9th, Rico Abreu on October 15th
2017- Kyle Hirst on July 1st, Mitchell Faccinto on October 14th
2018- Mitchell Faccinto on October 13th
2019- Rico Abreu on October 12th
2020- Spencer Bayston on June 20th, Dominic Scelzi on October 10th*, Kyle Hirst on October 10th*
2021- Corey Day on September 25th, Dominic Scelzi on October 9th*, Michel Moles on October 9th*, Shane Golobic on October 29th, Tyler Courtney on October 29th#
2022- Dominic Scelzi on May 14th, Corey Day on October 8th*, Jonathan Allard on October 8th*, Rico Abreu on October 14th

Former Anthony Simone Classic Winners:

2021- Shane Golobic (Winged)

Tyler Courtney (Non-Wing)

2022- Rico Abreu (Winged)

Most Podiums At The Kings Speedway With The NARC 410 Sprint Series (Since 2001) 

 Tim Kaeding-21

Brent Kaeding-9

Jason Statler

Jonathan Allard-7

Kyle Hirst

Steve Kent

Tommy Tarlton

Most Top 5s At The Kings Speedway With The NARC 410 Sprint Series (Since 2001) 

 Tim Kaeding-27

Jason Statler-16

Brent Kaeding-13

Tommy Tarlton-12

Jonathan Allard-11

Most Top 10s At The Kings Speedway With The NARC 410 Sprint Series (Since 2001) 

 Jason Statler-32

Tim Kaeding

Brent Kaeding-23

Jonathan Allard-22

Bud Kaeding-20

Most Starts At The Kings Speedway With The NARC 410 Sprint Series (Since 2001) 

 Craig Stidham-39

Jason Statler-38

Tim Kaeding-36

Brent Kaeding-32

Jonathan Allard-27

Best Average Finishes At The Kings Speedway With The NARC 410 Sprint Series (Minimum 5 Starts) (Since 2001) 

 Tim Kaeding-5.2 (36)

Corey Day-5.33 (6)

Dennis Moore Jr.-6.28 (7)

Shane Golobic-6.54 (11)

D.J. Netto-6.65 (20)