(3/28/23) NARC BY The NUM8ER5! – The Stockton Dirt Track, By Ben Deatherage …  As the NARC 410 Sprint Series gets set for the 2023 season opener at Stockton Dirt Track, here is some numbers to look at heading into the Asparagus Cup. First, this is the third straight year that the tour has opened its campaign and the second consecutive year that NARC has been a part of the Asparagus Cup.

The NARC 410 Sprint Series began visiting the Stockton Dirt Track in 2013. Thirteen drivers have tamed the field in the previous twenty-three visits, with Fresno’s Dominic Scelzi having the most success at three wins. Eight drivers have amassed two victories, while only four are one-time winners.

Two drivers earned their first NARC 410 Sprint Series triumphs at the Stockton DT. Dominic Scelzi did it on August 3rd, 2013, while Sean Watts accomplished the same feat on June 22nd, 2019. It is the only series win for the Atwater native of Watts. Something noteworthy is that Clovis teenager Corey Day, on November 6th, 2021, and Shane Golobic from Fremont, on November 2nd, 2014, achieved their second career wins with NARC.

In addition to Scelzi leading the all-time Stockton NARC win list, he is also in the upper echelon of some other categories. Dominic ties for second in podiums (7) and is part of a three-way tie for most Top 5s (9) when NARC has competed at Stockton. He is situated fourth in all-time starts (17) and has an average finish of 7.29.

2021 and 2022 winner D.J. Netto may be one win off the all-time Stockton NARC win list, but he leads in four other categories. The Hanford driver has the most podiums (9), Top 5s (11), Top 10s (18), and Starts (22). He also boasts an average finish of 6.13, the third-best on the list.

Tim Kaeding has the best average finish at the facility, scoring 4.69 from thirteen starts. The Campbell chauffeur procured wins in 2016 and 2019 and sits tied second on the all-time Stockton NARC list for podiums (7) with Scelzi and a three-way tie in Top 5s (9).

In addition to Golobic’s second career NARC victory in 2014, he also parked it in victory lane in November of 2019. Shane is fourth on the average finish table with a 6.56 from eleven starts. Shane is tied for third in Stockton NARC Top 5s (9) with Dominic Scelzi and TK. He is also level with Mitchell Faccinto for third in the Top 10 (14) category list. The same two pilots are currently fifth on the all-time starts list (16) when the series rolled into “California’s Sunrise Seaport”.

Bud Kaeding is another notable Stockton performer. Earning victories in 2016 and 2019, the Campbell driver is second on the all-time Stockton NARC list in Top 5s (10), Top 10s (16), and starts (21). His average finish is 7.33.

Amazingly, no driver has been able to win consecutively at Stockton.  Entering the April 1st event, the current track record is 12.543 by Donny Schatz on September 13th, 2019. 106 competitors have taken a green flag at the Stockton Dirt Track in NARC competition.

With all that information, race teams, fans, and series personal are excited to finally kick of the 2023 season.  We can not wait for everyone to join us for what no doubt will be an incredible night of racing. In the next editions of NARC By The Num8er5 we will examine Kings Speedway, until then see you at the races.

The Stockton Dirt Track is located at the San Joaquin Fairgrounds at 1658 S Airport Way in Stockton, California. For ticket information, log on to https://www.eventbrite.com/e/asparagus-cup-narc-410-scct-360-sprint-cars-and-more-tickets-570895683357 for online purchases. Tickets are priced at $30.00 for Adults and $25.00 for Children (5-12) and Seniors (65+). Also, be sure to visit the track website www.stocktondirttrack.com.

Front Gates open at 1:00, with Time Trials at 4:30. Opening Ceremonies are planned to kick off around 5:00, followed by Racing at 5:30.

The Asparagus Cup can be viewed live on Floracing.com, along with every NARC 410 Sprint Car Series race.

Former NARC 410 Sprint Series Winners at Stockton Dirt Track
Dominic Scelzi-3
Bud Kaeding-2
Cory Eliason
D.J. Netto
Jonathan Allard
Justin Sanders
Rico Abreu
Shane Golobic
Tim Kaeding
Colby Copeland-1
Corey Day
Sean Watts
Tyler Walker

NARC 410 Sprint Series Wins By Date at Stockton Dirt Track
2013- Dominic Scelzi on August 3rd, Rico Abreu on November 2nd
2014- Jonathan Allard on August 2nd, Shane Golobic on November 2nd
2015- Dominic Scelzi on June 13th, Tyler Walker on August 1st, Jonathan Allard on November 7th
2016- Bud Kaeding on June 18th, Cory Eliason on July 10th, Tim Kaeding on November 5th
2017- Cory Eliason on November 11th
2018- Rico Abreu on November 3rd
2019- Sean Watts on June 22nd, Bud Kaeding on August 23rd, Tim Kaeding on August 24th, Shane Golobic on November 2nd
2020- Justin Sanders on November 7th
2021- D.J. Netto on March 20th, Dominic Scelzi on August 28th, Corey Day on November 6th
2022- Colby Copeland on April 2nd, D.J. Netto on July 23rd, Justin Sanders on November 5th

Most Podiums At The Stockton Dirt Track With The NARC 410 Sprint Series
D.J. Netto-9
Dominic Scelzi-7
Tim Kaeding
Kyle Hirst-6
Rico Abreu
Jonathan Allard-5

Most Top5s At The Stockton Dirt Track With The NARC 410 Sprint Series
D.J. Netto-11
Bud Kaeding-10
Dominic Scelzi-9
Tim Kaeding
Shane Golobic

Most Top 10s At The Stockton Dirt Track With The NARC 410 Sprint Series
D.J. Netto-18
Bud Kaeding-16
Shane Golobic-14
Mitchell Faccinto
Willie Croft-13

Most Starts At The Stockton Dirt Track With The NARC 410 Sprint Series
D.J. Netto-22
Bud Kaeding-21
Willie Croft-19
Dominic Scelzi-17
Shane Golobic-16
Mitchell Faccinto

Best Average Finishes At The Stockton Dirt Track With The NARC 410 Sprint Series (Minimum 5 Starts)
Tim Kaeding-4.69 (13)
Rico Abreu-4.72 (11)
D.J. Netto-6.13 (22)
Shane Golobic-6.56 (16)
Carson Macedo-6.57 (7)