(3/1/23) By Michael Gilmer Jr., Clovis, CA … Seventeen-year-old Corey Day put together an impressive 2022 NARC 410 sprint car season. Racing for his father Ronnie Day, Kevin Kozlowski and Jason Meyers, the Clovis, California driver had no trouble finding success. Racing in only 14 of the 21 NARC 410 King of The West feature events, the young driver finished tied for the series lead in victories with four, alongside two-time NARC series champ Dominic Scelzi.

Even with those victory lane appearances, Corey finished just eleventh in the final point standings. As the 2023 season quickly approaches, the big question is:  Can the second generation driver win the championship when racing on the NARC 410 Sprint Car campaign full-time?

“I definitely think we could win a championship,” states Day. “My team has the best equipment out there and they all work super hard and are passionate about what they do. I think we have a good package with our race cars and motors, so with luck on our side there shouldn’t be any excuses.”

Corey was only two top ten finishes shy from achieving a perfect top ten performance record in the 2022 season. He also earned himself two Sunnyvalley Bacon “Powered by Bacon” dash wins, and three Swift Metal Finishing Hardcharger Awards. Day proved that he can win virtually anywhere after his victories at Ocean Speedway, Silver Dollar Speedway, Placerville Speedway and Kings Speedway, leading a total of 92 laps in the process.

All four of these tracks are back on the schedule for the 2023 season, including the NARC season opener at Silver Dollar Speedway. Day is definitely looking to start off hot with a win. He looks to continue this success and add on some more tracks to his resume’ this upcoming season. The team seems to be only a few adjustments away from a full-time championship run.

Day seems very confident and aware that winning consistently is possible. His success with the Jason Meyers-owned team definitely seem to point them in the right direction towards a championship title and he believes that they have what it takes to get the job done.

So where does this winning team come from? Success in a sprint car is not new for the Day family. Corey’s father, Ronnie Day had enormous success racing a sprint car in the 1990’s to the 2000’s. He won the first 360 Sprint Car event held at Calistoga Speedway on July 2, 1993 and was always a contender in every event he entered. Winning just seems to run in the family.

“My dad raced for 30-years before me,” Corey Day explains. “He’s been one of the biggest assets to my success in a race car. He’s done too much for me to just name one thing.”

Ronnie does a lot to ensure Corey succeeds, not only as a father, but as a mentor.  Based on their success up to this point, it definitely appears to be a winning combination and help achieve goals in a racecar. Without him, who knows? Corey might not have even began his racing career..

The beginning of Corey’s sprint car career did not start too slow as many would expect. At just 14 years-old, he racked up a pair of top ten finishes in just three starts driving a 360 sprint car during the 2020 season. By the end of 2021, Corey continued to succeed in a 360 and even earned a few victories racing in a 410 NARC Sprint Car. Last year, he drove for two-time World of Outlaw champion Jason Meyers at the Knoxville Nationals and exceeded most expectations. Day has shown quick and impressive progress in a sprint car, and it doesn’t seem like he will be slowing down anytime soon.

So, as the 2023 season approaches look for continued improvement behind the wheel and an aggressive championship run in the NARC 410 Sprint Car Series campaign from Corey Day.

ED NOTE:  Michael Gilmer is our guest aspiring writer for this edition of NARC Pit Personalities.  He is a 16-year old high school student and sprint car fan from Placerville, CA.

Corey Day has proven that he can win, no matter whose car he is driving. Photo by Donna Peter
Cory Day was a winner at the Morrie Williams Memorial at Hanford. Photo by Donna Peter
Day holds his own against the best talent on the West Coast. Photo by Donna Peter
Corey Day on the hammer! Photo by Donna Peter