(8/13/22) Stockton, CA … The Northern Auto Racing Club (NARC) and the Noceti Group have cancelled the August 27th Champions Classic sprint car race at the Stockton Dirt Track due to a shortage of racing tires.

The lack of Hoosier Racing Tires continues to impact the entire racing community across the nation and is beginning to hamper the competitiveness of many teams. Supply chain complications and manufacturing delays are still hampering the availability of racing tires.  Shipments to the west coast have been sporadic and are not large enough to satisfy demand.  Hoosier Racing Tires continues to work diligently to fix the issue.

The Stockton event will not be rescheduled.  Promoter Tony Noceti said he will now focus all of his efforts on the November 5th Tribute to Gary Patterson championship night at his track.

The next NARC Fujitsu General 410 Sprint Car Series event of the season will be on October 8th Morrie Williams Memorial at Keller Auto Speedway in Hanford.