(12/10/21) Sacramento, CA … In the continuing effort to unify basic sprint car rules on the West Coast and nationally, the Northern Auto Racing Club (NARC) and Hoosier Racing Tires announced a new tire rule for the 2022 season.

Beginning with the April 2nd NARC King of the West 410 season opener at the Stockton Dirt Track, sprint car teams will be allowed to run the Hoosier H15 right rear & H12 left rear tire. This move now mirrors the World of Outlaws rulebook.

The NARC series has implemented the Hoosier HTW right rear and RD12 left tire rule for several seasons. Race teams will now have until June 1, 2022, to burn off any existing HTW/RD inventory. At that point, the H15 and H12 tires will become mandatory.

“With supply chain issues, the timing was perfect for such a rule change and allows local teams to support other racing series when they visit California,” said Neal Cowman, Hoosier Tire’s Oval Dirt Track Business Unit Manager.

Winged sprint car series such as the Sprint Car Challenge 360 Tour and the Kings of Thunder, along with local dirt tracks on the schedule are also planning to adopt the same tire rule.

For additional information regarding Hoosier Racing Tire and technical questions please contact Hoosier Tire West at Hoosier Tire West, 2608 E. California, Fresno, CA  93721.  The phone number is 559-485-4612

The 2022 NARC sprint car schedule will be released shortly.  For more information, go to www.NARC410, or call 714-397-7417.