(May 22, 2021, Jim Allen) Petaluma, CA …  Justin Sanders became the third different winner in as many NARC King of the West Fujitsu Sprint Car Series events, holding off Bud Kaeding to win Saturday’s fast-paced 30-lapper at Petaluma Speedway.

The initial attempt to get the event underway saw Sanders and fellow front row starter Andy Forsberg get together coming out of the fourth corner to take the initial green flag.  Before the red-flag carnage was over, it reeled in four other cars.  Sanders escaped with no damage, but Forsberg received the worst of it and was done for the night.  The mayhem also forced makeshift repairs on Tim Kaeding’s ride and sent Dominic Scelzi, Kyle Offill and Michael Sellers to the back of the pack for the restart.

Once the line-up was sorted out, the second start was clean and the 30-lap event ran non-stop.  Sanders, piloting the Antaya Motorsports Fire Protection Management XXX #16A sprinter, jumped out to an early lead, pursued by Kaeding, Joel Myers Jr., Kaleb Montgomery and Bill Aton.  Things got entertaining on the sixth circuit when the freight train reached lap traffic with Kaeding shadowing the leaders every move as they zigged and zagged through slower cars.  The pair raced wheel-to-wheel with Kaeding applying pressure throughout the contest, but Sanders made all the right moves on the hooked up track to secure the $3500 victory.

Sanders was subdued in victory lane after scoring his seventh series win and 100th sprint car win of his career.

“I never intended to run Andy (Forsberg) off the track and I feel bad for what happened,”  said Sanders. “That was not my intention and I never want to win that way.”

Kaeding drove the Al’s Roofing Supply #69 to his second runner-up finish in as many weeks.  The 15-year old Myers posted an eye-opening third place finish in his PitStopUSA/Dirt Dudes XXX.  Eleventh starter DJ Netto scored fourth aboard the Penny Newman Grain KPC to pocket the Swift Metal Finishing hardcharger money.  Scelzi rounded out the top five.

The next five to cross the checkered were Kaleb Montgomery, Tim Kaeding, Aton, Austin McCarl, and Ryan Robinson.  Montgomery was driving a 360 powerplant.

Sanders also set quick time with a 12.727 second run around the three-eighths mile oval.  Forsberg won the Sunnyvalley Bacon dash.

FUJITSU FEATURE EVENT (30-laps):   16A – Justin Sanders, 69 – Bud Kaeding, 46JR – Joel Myers Jr., 88N – DJ Netto, 41 – Dominic Scelzi, 93 – Kaleb Montgomery, 42X – Tim Kaeding, 26 – Billy Aton, 21 – Austin McCarl, 56 – Ryan Robinson, 83V – Sean Becker, 98 – Sean Watts, 76 – Kenny Allen, 88 – Kyle Offill, 18 – Michael Sellers, 2R – Richard Brace Jr., 4 – Burt Foland, 09S – Geoffrey Strole, 92 – Andy Forsberg.



ARP FAST QUALIFIER (19 cars):  Justin Sanders – 12.727 seconds

BROWN & MILLER RACING SOLUTIONS FIRST HEAT (10 laps):   Andy Forsberg, DJ Netto, Justin Sanders, Sean Becker, Kyle Offill, Burt Foland, Geoffrey Strole.

FUJITSU GENERAL USA SECOND HEAT (10 laps):  Kaleb Montgomery, Billy Aton, Joel Myers Jr., Ryan Robinson, Sean Watts, Michael Sellers.

FLORACING.COM THIRD HEAT (10 laps):  Bud Kaeding, Tim Kaeding, Dominic Scelzi, Austin McCarl, Kenny Allen, Richard Brace Jr.

SUNNYVALLEY BACON DASH (6 laps): Andy Forsberg, Justin Sanders, Tim Kaeding, Dominic Scelzi, Bud Kaeding, Kaleb Montgomery.

Bud Kaeding launched several challenges on Justin Sanders throughout the 30-lapper. In the end, it was Sanders who posted the victory. Photo by Donna Peter.
Justin Sanders and Andy Forsberg led the field to the green flag on the initial start. Photo by Donna Peter.