(10/2/20) Jim Allen, Sacramento, CA … The Northern Auto Racing Club announced a special racing format change for the October 10th King of the West Morrie Williams Legends Tribute Memorial at Keller Auto Speedway in Hanford.  In honor of the longtime car owner, this show will now feature two 20-lap main events – with a twist.

The first 24-car 20-lapper will be lined up based on qualifying times, but the second event will be lined up totally inverted based on the finish of the first race (except for any lapped cars that will go to the back of the pack.)  Cars will be stopped on the track for a 10-minute intermission between events.  Pit crews will be allowed to work on the cars, but are not allowed to change tires.  Any car that goes into the pit area or changes a tire will have to start at the very back of the pack (24th).

The winner of each feature race will pocket $2800.  The overall champion – the team with the best combined finishes – will earn a $1000 bonus.  Overall, more than $27,000 is up for grabs, plus many product awards.

The event is available via PPV on Floracing.com.  No spectator grandstand seating tickets will be sold.  However, race fans following proper COVID-19 safety protocols can enter through the pit gate.

Special thanks to all of the sponsors who have made this race possible:

  • Fujitsu General
  • Hoosier Tires
  • Roth Motorsports
  • Southern Pacific Farms
  • Dan Bandy & Associates
  • Johnstone Supply
  • Tiner/Hirst Racing Enterprises
  • Floracing.com
  • Kistler Racing Engines
  • Kevin Shearer Design
  • Prior Engineering
  • Kimo’s Tropical Car Wash

A complete break down of the racing format and prize money is spelled out below: