(2/23/20) Sacramento, CA …  The Northern Auto Racing Club has announced some rule changes for the upcoming King of the West Fujitsu 410 Sprint Car Series campaign.  Most of the changes are clarifications or minor changes of existing rules.  Noticeable changes have been made to the racing format, restarts, and the muffler rule.

  • The format will now use an existing points system where competitors earn points in qualifying and the heat races to line up the entire field of the main event.  This will make every pass and finishing count in the heat races.  In the past, these points were only used to determine the top six cars for the trophy dash.
    • Qualifying points are awarded as follows:  Fast qualifier: 50; second quick 48 (two-point drop); third quick 47 (one-point drop); fourth quick 46; fifth quick 45; and so on dropping one-point per qualifying positions.
    • Heat race points are awarded as follows:  Heat winner 50; second place 47, third place 44, fourth place 41, and so on dropping by three points per finishing position.
    • The qualifying and heat race points are only used for the purpose of lining up the field, not for the series championship.
  • Restarts will now be double-file using the same basic rules at the World of Outlaws.  During the final five-laps of a heat race or the last 10-laps of the feature, the restart will be single file.
  • Only one championship point will be awarded to the fast qualifier.  In the past, the top four were awarded points.
  • The muffler rule was expanded to include other options including Flowmaster, SpinTech, Schoenfeld, and Extreme.  It varies by track.  For example, the Flowmaster 53545-10 is the only muffler allowed at Ocean Speedway in Watsonville.  That muffler, plus the SpinTech 1545 big box muffler are the only mufflers allowed at Placerville Speedway, Petaluma Speedway, Calistoga Speedway, and Silver Dollar Speedway.  At the other five tracks on the NARC-KWS tour, there are a total of four options.  Complete details are in the new rulebook.

The 2020 season gets underway on March 14th at the Dirt Track at Kern Country Raceway Park in Bakersfield.

The complete 2020 technical and general rule books can be downloaded at NARC410.com.