(October 5, 2019) Bakersfield, CA, By Jim Allen …  Dominic Scelzi took no prisoners with a commanding 30-lap green-to-checkered King of the West by NARC Fujitsu Sprint Car Series victory at the Kern County Raceway Park Dirt Track Saturday night.  It was Scelzi’s club-high fifth victory of the season aboard the Dennis & Teresa Roth Motorsports KPC and completed a series sweep of both events at the track during the 60th Anniversary season campaign.

Scelzi started on the pole and battled with fellow front row starter Willie Croft for the first couple of laps before effectively checking out for the win.  By lap seven, he had already amassed a 10-car length advantage over Croft and extended that even more once he reached lap traffic a lap later.  Fourth starter Bud Kaeding officially moved into the hunt on lap 10, by slicing past Croft in the first corner as the pair negotiated slower cars.

After a first lap caution flag, the final 29-laps around the one-third mile oval ran non-stop which kept all competitors at bay.  Scelzi was running at a frantic pace, which never allowed Kaeding any chance to mount a serious threat.  Kaeding had to settle for second in the Williams Motorsports Alviso Rock Maxim.

“I wasn’t sure how big a lead I had,” explained Scelzi afterwards.  “I was trying to look at the scoreboard to see if I could figure out the interval of who was behind me.  In the meantime, I just kept doing what I was doing because I never heard anybody behind me.  This car was perfect tonight.”

Scelzi earned $3000 for this efforts.

Ryan Bernal powered past Croft on the 12th circuit and shadowed Kaeding the remaining distance to score third in the Tarlton Motorsports KPC.  Croft was fourth in his Amerikote-backed car, chased by the Fire Suppression Engineering Maxim driven by Chase Johnson.

The second five to cross the checkered was championship point leader DJ Netto, Geoff Ensign, Jace Vanderweerd, Craig Stidham and rookie Tim Estenson.  Vanderweerd earned the Swift Metal Finishing Hardcharger Award.

Earlier in the program, Croft earned the ARP Fast Time award with a 12.857 second qualifying run.  It was the third time in four visits to the track that he had claimed that honor.

FUJITSU FEATURE EVENT (30-laps):  Dominic Scelzi, Bud Kaeding, Ryan Bernal, Willie Croft, Chase Johnson, DJ Netto, Geoff Ensign, Jace Vanderweerd, Craig Stidham, Tim Estenson, Kenny Allen, Mark Barroso, Gary Paulson, Nathan Rolfe, Sean Watts.

LAP LEADERS:   Scelzi 1-30

ARP FAST QUALIFIER:     Willie Croft – 12.857 seconds

BROWN & MILLER RACING SOLUTIONS FIRST HEAT (10 laps):   Bud Kaeding, Ryan Bernal, Willie Croft, Craig Stidham, Sean Watts, Tim Estenson, Mark Barroso, Kenny Allen

FK ROD ENDS SECOND HEAT (10 laps):   Dominic Scelzi, Chase Johnson, DJ Netto, Nathan Rolfe, Jace Vanderweerd, Gary Paulson, Geoff Ensign

SUNNYVALLEY BACON DASH (6 laps):  Dominic Scelzi, Willie Croft, Ryan Bernal, Bud Kaeding, DJ Netto, Chase Johnson

Dominic Scelzi won his fifth race of the King of the West-NARC season at KCRP!